PolyFarm LLC of Caldwell, Idaho

Ammo Can, 30 cal

Good, solid, functional military surplus. 30 cal.

Surplus ammo cans... a great old standby for storage applications.  A metal can with a sealing gasket.  Handy size.  Filled with ammo they are about as heavy as you would want them to be.  We can't tell a Grade I from a Grade II or a Grade III so we'll just say things like good, solid, functional, green.  May have small dents, scratches, or rust spots.  The original printing may be spray painted over in black and they may have an "empty" stenciled on the side.  Straight with good gaskets.  Generally clean but a little dust or debris residual from the field is not unusual.  Don't be afraid of the rust mention... while some may have some spots these are not rusted up.  Our intent is to undersell so that you are not disappointed.  On a scale of trashed - rough - good - mint we would call these "good" with some more "good" than others.        


outside dimensions:  11L x 3.8W x 7D

inside dimensions: 10L x 3.4W x 6.7D



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