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Wilderness and Survival Medicine
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For those of us who are not EMT's or doctors. Another reference for inside the cache. When you pack your bags, this one goes with you.

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Recent examples of how uncertain life can be are all around: hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, wildfires, blizzards. The sad fact is that people who are involved in survival situations, disasters, and accidents are often unprepared in terms of both knowledge and supplies. Wilderness and Survival Medicine is intended to give you a solid grounding in medical care and encourage you to prepare supplies suitable for any emergency situations you may encounter.

This medical manual was designed to provide the layperson with the knowledge and skills to deal with a variety of medical conditions and traumatic injuries usually treated by health care professionals. Compiled by a physician trained in emergency medicine and a registered nurse trained in trauma and remote medicine, Wilderness and Survival Medicine covers equipment, medical supplies, initial first aid treatment, aftercare, as well an analysis of the limitations of care without the benefit of modern health services.


8.5" x 11", 390 pages


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