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Desiccant, XL Pack, 900 grams
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900 grams of silica gel desiccant with built-in humidity indicator. Recharges in the oven. Great value!

The manufacturer says...

Our largest unit is ideal protection when winterizing boats, cars and RVs. It can improve air quality when used in enclosed spaces in the home. The XL Pack contains 900 grams of silica gel packaged in a heavy duty corrugated carton.  Protects 66 cubic feet of enclosed space. [SG-900]

Dimensions:  6" x 3" x 8.5"


We say...

LOTS of extra protection for those longer term Mono Vault applications!  This is our choice for all caching applications when it will fit, particularly for the 130 and larger MonoVaults.  The 900g XL pack is a natural choice for the model 248 MonoVault.

In a model 248 (or even a model 152) with a Vault Liner, consider one of these outside the liner and a 200 gram Small Pack inside the liner for backup.

The 900g extra large pack is also our choice for the best low maintenance performance in a gun safe. 


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