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Froglube, solvent, 1oz spray
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Froglube's purpose built solvent for barrel treatment and removal of those petroleum based products previously used.

Here is what the manufacturer says...

"Froglube's new 'food-grade' solvents are wholly produced in the USA, can be safely handled without harm to people or the environment, now provide a totally Green Weapons Care System."

"We designed the solvent to mate with our CLP to deliver enhanced accuracy and extended cleaning interval for the single shot shooter - snipers and hunters."

"FrogLube solvents are designed to quickly attack surface fouling, baked on or filmed residues and other metallic fouling such as lead and copper, while protecting firearms coatings, paints, wood and other materials from the corrosive effects of petrolem-based, flammable and toxic weapons care products."

"We adjusted our formula to obtain the tightest 5-shot group and we optimized cleaning procedures to minimize variance caused by fouling."

What we understand...

Use this product both to treat your barrel per the directions and to pre-clean your firearm to remove traces of past-used petroleum based products prior to application of the FrogLube paste or liquid. 





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