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Froglube Wipes, 5-pack
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Toss these in your gear bag, bug-out-bag, or cache for emergency or on-the-go treatment of your firearm.

manufacturer says...

FrogLube® (FL®) is a bio-based cleaner-lubricant-protectant made from ‘food-grade’ ingredients using all USA produced ingredients with a proprietary formula. It’s current formulation is a culmination and refinement of formula derived from nearly 20 years of development and experience in related commercial and industrial markets. FrogLube® is now available to the firearms market as a “GREEN Tech” firearms cleaner, lubricant and protectant. It has been extensively field tested in various types of firearms from black powder to AR-15 style rifles, pistols, machine guns and shot guns-in every conceivable environmental extreme. It is a non-toxic cleaner designed to dissolve carbon on contact and to suspend other fouling particles such as copper, lead, sand, dust and dirt found in gun barrels. The pure form of the product is a paste form which contains only ‘food grade’ ingredients that are non-toxic, safe to handle and can be disposed of without hazard.

“FrogLube® is the first truly Green firearms product of it’s kind. Because it performs far better than traditional petroleum-based products, it’s become a “game changer” for professional firearms personnel in the military, law enforcement and in tactical training academies.”

We say...

We like the non-toxic part without the kill-me-slowly smells of the petroleum based stuff out there.  Ask around.

The "wipes" format makes for a handy field resource.  Think hunting camp, emergency pack, cache supplies, or grab and go kits.


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