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Desiccant, Mini Canister, 40 gram
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Great for ammo cans and travel cases. Renewable in the oven! Use over and over.

manufacturer says...

Our smallest unit provides lifetime protection for cases containing guns, cameras, telescopes and musical instruments. Also, ideal for tool & tackle boxes and silver drawers - any small storage area. The mini canister contains 40 grams of silica gel in a compact aluminum canister.  Protects 3 cubic feet of enclosed space. [SG-40]

Dimensions:  4" x 2" x ½"


we say...

This 40 gram tin is best for ammo cans and similar smaller volumes.  It may be a good solution for smaller Mono Vaults such as 107 and 207 in short term (perhaps a few months) applications where there is very little room in the MonoVault once packed.  For a couple bucks more, consider the 200g small pack if you can make it fit.  Removed from the carton, the 200g satchel is somewhat maleable for tucking into tight spaces.


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