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Holsters (also for Universal Vehicle Handgun Holster Mount)
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These Gum Creek Vehicle Mount Holsters come in sizes for most handguns and also work for normal carry with the integral belt loop. Made in the USA! See chart below for sizes.

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These are fairly simple padded holsters with stitched and wrapped edges, ambidextrous belt loops, and an adjustable velcro handgun retention strap with a snap thumb break.  Color is black with light grey interior fabric.

While functional for carry on your hip, these holsters are purpose built for use with the Gum Creek Universal Vehicle Handgun Holster Mount.

Select the size for your gun here..... (link to chart coming soon)

This is a summary of the sizes:

#04 - Full Size 1911 - 5”
#09 - up to 4" Med Frame Rev, S&W K/L Frames
#16 - H&K USP 9mm/.40 Cal., Ruger, Sig 226/228, Glock 17,19,22
#19 - Beretta 92, Taurus PT 92, S&W .45 & 10mm
#21 - Glock 20,21,23 Ruger .40 & .45 Autos
#26 - 3" Sm Frame Revolver, S&W J Frame
#30 - Glock 26 & 27, Kahr
#31 - Colt Mustang, Sig 238, Ruger LCP, Bodyguard


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