PolyFarm LLC of Caldwell, Idaho

Jag Set, Solid Brass, 12 pc
Sales price without tax $18.00
Tax amount

Brass jag set in a plastic box. This compact set will tuck away nicely in you survival kit or look great on the bench.

You may see this same set in the offerings of your well known the gun parts vendor.  See if they can beat this price though.

Here is what the manufacturer has to say:

These 12 solid brass jags are the fastest way to clean or oil your gun barrel.  Includes, 17, 22, 243/6mm, 25/6.5mm, 270/7mm, 30, 8mm/338, 35/9mm, 375, 40, 44, 45 caliber brass jags.   ...end manufacturer's info.


note:  the threads match those of the 27 pc cleaning kit also sold on this site.



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