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Universal Vehicle Handgun Holster Mount
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Mount your holster under your steering wheel! A great solution for a great idea.

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The Gum Creek folks have a solution for what to do with that carry piece while driving.  It goes without saying... know your local laws.

Here's what the manufacturer has to say:

Quick and accessible, our universal steering wheel column mount is ideal for carrying a handgun in your vehicle for convenience or self-defense. Great for those who often conceal carry and may not want to keep their pistol on them while driving.  Also popular for those who travel or as a self-defense system for situations where a weapon is desired to be in immediate close reach. No more shoving a handgun between seats, placing under a seat, in a door, on/in a console, or in any other area that is uncomfortable, unsafe or non-secure. Simply use any common type of holster with a belt loop, belt clip, or slotted belt attachment (sold separately) and attach it to the mount. Will fit and support almost any commonly sized holster and small to large handguns, due to the mount having an internal metal support bar as part of the main frame. This makes our mount far from being flimsy and keeps the entire rig from sagging and turning. Install the mount directly into the gap below your steering wheel column and secure at the bottom of the dash/kick panel. Release mount in seconds to securely put away if desired. Will work with most generic hip nylon holsters, OWB kydex holsters such as BlackHawk!, Fobus, SafariLand, etc., or even IWB holsters, provided there is a belt loop, belt clip or slots. Paddle holsters are not recommended. This product is not vehicle or firearm specific. One size fits all. Used by law enforcement, gun owners and outdoor enthusiasts in a variety of uses to suit their need. Length adjusts from 6¾” - 16½”. Color: Black. Made in USA. Patent Pending

Don't have a gap under your steering column or have a covered or thick gap edge? Have doubts it may not fit after looking at your vehicle? Use our Universal Holster Mount Adapter and the adaptor will allow you to use the Vehicle Mount as it was intended. Same function, same location.

Holster and firearm not included.



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