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Poor Man's Scout Rifle, Revised and Updated
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Home-built scout rifles on a budget using battle-tested military actions.

This is a Revised and Updated version of the prior publication


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by Robert Cashner

Until Bob Cashner published the first edition of Poor Man's Scout Rifle in 2003, owning a scout/utility rifle was impractical for most people. Commercial versions were rare and very expensive. Using common tools and easy-to-come-by parts, Cashner showed the average shooter how to fashion his own home-built scouts from a variety of tried-and-true, battle-tested military actions. His versions stayed true to Col. Jeff Cooper's original concept of accuracy and durability as the overriding criteria for such weapons, and to qualify as a poor man's rifle, he made sure his scout rifles were affordable to those on a limited budget. Many things have changed in the firearms world since 2003. The increased popularity of scout rifles – along with the skyrocketing prices for what were once cheap surplus rifles – convinced Cashner to update the original book to meet the needs of today's shooters. This revised how-to guide contains a variety of long-eye-relief scope-mounting hardware that wasn't even on the market when Cashner completed the first book, as well as information on the newest scout rifle scopes; revised prices for rifles, parts and ammo; and some additions and modifications requested by readers. Each of his creations meets the basic specifications of a scout/utility rifle yet costs less than a quarter of what the commercial models would have.

Bob Cashner, a former U.S. Army cavalry scout, resides with his family in Montana, where he enjoys the great outdoors whenever possible. He is an avid hunter and shooter, and enjoys writing articles for outdoor and history magazines when the weather keeps him inside.


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