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Hide-A-Way Gun Holster
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Another install-anywhere holster option. Think under the desk or counter, nightstand, under the dash, or behind the door.

This fixed holster is fabricated of a thin but tough ABS plastic.  The holster is equipped with a Velcro retaining strap to secure the firearm as needed.  Four holes in the corners of the back plate can be used for installation to any flat surface.   With the backplate measuring 6" by 6" you don't need much room to install.  Weight is less than 3 ounces.

The manufacturer says that this is a universal fit for "most semi-auto pistols and revolvers."  We've checke it out with a variety of guns and have the following information for you to consider...  While the diminutive North American Arms 22's might fall right through the little Beretta Bobcat 22 caliber semiauto does not (though there is little to grab ahold of).  Small 380's like the Ruger LCP also fit as do guns up to a full size double stack 45.  The depth of the opening is 1.5" measured as the distance between the front and back of the holster at the point where the gun is inserted... so you might want to measure the cylinder of those larger revolvers.

MADE in the USA!



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