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Under the Desk Holster
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Fast access to your handgun with this install-anywhere holster. Under desk, counter, bedside, or vehicle.

We can think of a lot of places for this straight forward but well made product... bedside, under the dash, behind the door, file cabinet, kitchen table, under the store counter...  You know better than we do where it will serve you best!

A thick elastic fabric stretches to hold your gun.  The mounting board is a semi-flexible synthetic material about 3/16" thick and measuring 8.5" wide by 11" long.  Stiff enough to work under desks and counters but flexible enough to accommodate a slight curvature as with a vehicle application.  Corner holes are reinforced with grommets.  comes with four flat head screws with loose washers.  Weighs just over 1 pound.

The manufacturer claims it will fit any size handgun.  Within reason you can rely on this to be true of typical handguns ranging from pocket guns through to full size semi-autos and revolvers.  Very large light or laser attachements under the slide may be the exception but the compact lasers we see commonly today should not be a problem.

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