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Zerust Rifle Kit
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A handy kit with a 10" x 54" Zerust bag, 30" of Zerust 1/4" barrel tubing, nylon tie, and one pair of latex gloves.

Zerust calls this their "Anti-Corrosion Rifle Kit"


  1. One (1) 10" x 54" Zerust poly bag (a VCI rifle bag)
  2. One (1) 30" length of 1/4" Zerust tubing (we call it a VCI barrel protector)
  3. One (1) nylon tie (bag closure)
  4. One (1) pair of latex gloves (fingerprints cause corrosion)

 Sounds good to us.  Combine a VCI bag with the VCI tube. 

The gloves and tie are a convenient touch.

you might consider keeping a couple of these kits in reserve inside your cache.  Could be very handy when relocating or distributing contents.

(note: Only the bag is shown in the photo.  We'll take a better picture at some point )



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