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Zerust Barrel Protector, 1/4
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Zerust ICT Tube and Barrel Strip. 1/4" diameter by 10 feet long. Cut to length. Protect your barrels from the inside! CAUTION: Cut this stuff longer than your barrel and chamber so that you do not forget to remove before using your firearm!!

Here's what Zerust says...

The Zerust® ICT Tube and Barrel Strip can be cut to length and is a narrow width (.250" diameter) to fit your ferrous metal tubes and pipes. They’re easy to install. Just put the Strip into the interior of the metal tube, pipe, or barrel, and cap the ends. The air inside the pipe will be filled with VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor) formula that will dissipate when you uncap the ends.

Zerust never leaves a residue, is non-toxic, and protects for up to 5 years. Zerust beats gun oil hands-down.

Here's what we say...  Sounds good but we'll still run an oiled patch down our barrels, thank you very much.  ...then we'll install the barrel protector.  This is a great application of the VCI technology!  Now how about a 3/16" version for our 22's and 223's?  Were looking into it so stay tuned.

CAUTION:  Cut this stuff longer than your barrel and chamber so that you do not forget that it is there.  Remove before using your firearm!!

product shown is a sample and may not be cut at the length provided.


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