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Most of what we prepare for has been prepared for by others before us.

... and much of what we prepare for has been experienced by others before us.


 What to prepare for, how to prepare for it,

and then how to handle it when it happens!


Many of these books deserve their own place in your kit and supplies.

 how to bury your goodsmodern weapons cachinghow to hide anything

big book of secret hiding places 100pxsecret spaces dvd

For hiding and caching titles Click Here!



  the founders second amendment 100pxbook of dangerously fun stuff 100pxus army special forces medical handbook 100px

wilderness evasion 100pxlong term survival 100px


For Preparedness, Survival References, and other cool titles, Click Here!



 total resistance 100px


For weaponry and tactics titles Click Here!



 bible camo with sleeve

For water-proof Bibles Click Here!

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Emergency water storage

- 1 gallon to 3000 gallons -

round, oval & rectangular tanks

drums - fuel cans - carboys

barrels, buckets & lids