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We've chosen FrogLube as our CLP (Cleaner, Lubricant, Protector) and Solvent offering.

The CLP products are available in the forms of paste, liquid, and wipes.

This stuff even smells good.

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How does FrogLube work?

When a weapon is fired, carbon, lead, copper, brass and other fouling particles are produced. FrogLube is a heavy specific gravity food grade substance that creeps deep into the micro fissures of the metal and acts as if to ‘season’ the surface of the bore, any friction points and all areas treated with the lube. Once treated, fouling particles can no longer bond with metal surfaces, instead, they will be suspended in a detached state and easily wiped or brushed from the surface. This also applies to other loose fouling particles such as dirt, dust and sand.

How often should I use FrogLube?

You should follow manufacturers recommended guidelines. Make sure the weapon is unloaded before inspecting for cleaning. Cleaning weapons regularly helps maintain reliability and extends the service life. You may choose to run a bore patch through the barrel before firing or when preparing the firearm for service to test for fouling particles or a blockage. Inspect glide and friction points and cycle the action to check for smooth function.

Apply a sparing amount of FrogLube to glide and friction points before operation. After firing, when the barrel is hot, is a good time to insert a generous amount of FrogLube into the barrel as the heat will accelerate the absorption into the pores of the metal. After treatment, you will notice a marked reduction in friction. It is not necessary to do this after every use, but should be done at regular intervals. You should ensure the excess FrogLube is removed by running a bore patch through the bore until it is clean and smooth.

Will FrogLube harm non-metal surfaces such as plastic, rubber, nylon or wood?

No. FrogLube will actually enhance the condition, moisten and preserve these materials.

Will FrogLube remove petroleum products, oils and grease? 

Yes. FrogLube dissolves carbon and petro-chemicals on contact. You should discontinue use of petroleum or other petrochemicals as it will conflict with the optimal performance of FrogLube.

Will FrogLube harm after-market finishes, bluing or other permanent coatings such as night sights?

No. In fact, it will serve as a cleaner and will provide lasting protection against oily film build-up.

How do I use FrogLube in cold weather? 
Always follow manufacturers instructions for your firearm. FrogLube is designed for arctic use. When you follow FrogLube directions, your lubricant is contained "in" your firearm, not "on" it. Field strip and clean off any excess lubricant or fouling using FrogLube Solvent. Wipe Dry. If needed, use FrogLube CLP lube very sparingly. Your firearm is now ready for cold temperatures. For comprehensive instructions, follow the guidance provided in professional manuals such as the US Army's Field Manual FM 31-70, Chapter 6. 

Some bore cleaners recommend a time limit for application. Does that apply to FrogLube?

No. FrogLube may be left in place indefinitely.

Will FrogLube leave any residue when it dries?

No. FrogLube penetrates deep into the surface it contacts. Once dry, the surface will become slick to the touch. During firing, the lube will "wick" to the surface and provide a slippery and wet appearance to glide surfaces and hot spots.
Can FrogLube be used with airsoft and paintball guns?

Since FrogLube is non-corrosive to plastics and rubber, it is the preferred lubricant and preservative for O-rings, non-ferrous and rubber parts. FrogLube will actually condition O-rings and improve compressed air and pressure tank retention properties.
Are there any measurable benefits?

FrogLube’s use in treating gun barrels has recorded muzzle velocity increases of between 3-12%. This has been independently verified. It has also shown drastic reductions in shot group standard deviations in 5-shot groups.
Does FrogLube have a pleasant fragrance?

The fragrance will improve the odor of storage containers such as gun safes, gun cases and in armories; however, it is not intense enough to be detectable in field use.
Is FrogLube made in the USA?

Yes. FrogLube was developed by US Navy SEALs. It’s ingredients are all US made. It is manufactured, stored, distributed, and retailed by US companies. There is absolutely no foreign component to this product.

Your choice of FrogLube will encourage US energy independence and is in compliance with White House Executive Order 13423. FrogLube will not be sold to those countries who violently oppose the policies and national objectives of the people of the United States of America.

--  How to Use FrogLube? Click here  --


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