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Zerust provides us with options.  VCI bags are great but there are more ways to deliver VCI technology to your guns, ammo, and gear.

Zerust® offers simple, yet effective rust protection solutions for your firearms and firearm parts; protecting any ferrous metals, including iron, steel and cast iron from rust and corrosion. Choose from a variety of antirust solutions including Multipurpose VCI Poly Bags, Tube and Barrel Strip, Vapor Capsules and VCI Weapon Protection Bags.

Our Zerust supplier has explained that while the chemistry of the standard Zerust product is optimized for ferrous metals, it will help protect non-ferrous metals also.  For this reason, we suggest considering a Zerust solution for your ammo storage.  We favor the use of humidity control measures in combinations with any VCI product.

We will have more content coming but for now, please refer to the item descriptions in out store.

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