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Electrical Panel Wall Safe

1030 in frame


Hidden in plain sight!


Here's a great solution for the closet, hallway, pantry, garage, or any other place where one might expect to see an innocuous electrical panel.  You see it but you don't.  

This is a nicely designed and built vault manufactured here in the USA by Console Vault.  The door is constructed of 12 ga plate steel and the body of 16 ga.  A recessed lock pocket keeps the entire safe nearly flush to the wall providing a flat profile.

1030_access_open_framed_200x150The Console Vault Wall Safe lock has been selected for superior quality and a fail safe experience.  This lock is fully mechanical so no batteries or power source is required.  You can set your own personal combination in moments.  Leave one dial out of position for fast access or scramble all three for higher security.

Installation is typical of wall safes with between-the-stud mounting.  Installation can be as fast as 15-20 minutes.  A wide wall perimeter flange hides any uneven drywall eliminating the need for drywall repair or painting.


  • Massive 12 gauge cold rolled plate steel door
  • Interior safe body is 16 gauge cold rolled plate steel.
  • Welded tab and notch seams.
  • Engineered for fail safe operation.
  • 1030_open_framed_200x150No batteries or power source is required.
  • Recessed lock pocket providing a flat profile.
  • 3 digit combo lock, drill resistant.
  • Set and reset your custom lock combination.
  • May be concealed by a picture or furniture.
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes.
  • Typical wall safe installation.
  • Built in gun holster.

Dimensions, outside:  17 1/4" wide x 14 1/4" high x 3 1/2" deep

Dimensions, inside:  14 1/4" wide x 12" high x 2 3/4" deep (at maximum points)

Weight:  approximately 17 lbs.

Note:  Labels may vary from pictures.


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