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Equip your MonoVault with a Vault Valve!


The Vault Valve is a pressure relief device that opens at 1/2 psi positive OR negative pressure with a manual release for easy opening.

Exceeds flow requirement for industry standard 12% of internal volume per minute for pressure changes associated with air travel.

(note: check with your airline for gun and gun container rules)

Protect your guns in transit!



Ship to the gunsmith.

Boating applications... MonoVaults float!

Stay tuned... more content in the works.




 Keep them clean, dry, and zeroed.

The 248s fits a scoped AR!  The 152s fits those scoped bolt guns.

In transit or storage, the scopes stay on the gun and the rounds on target. 


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Emergency water storage

- 1 gallon to 3000 gallons -

round, oval & rectangular tanks

drums - fuel cans - carboys

barrels, buckets & lids