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Titan Gun Vault


titan gun vault with pistol


TITAN Gun Vault
titan gun vault revolver vertical
Manufacturer's information:  Keeping a handgun for protection is your right.  But your primary objective MUST be to create a place where your firearms are readily available to you, yet COMPLETELY inaccessible to others.  You simply can't let a loaded gun put your family or visitors-and especially children-in harm's way.Our mission is to provide you with both safety and security.  With the TITAN Gun Vault, you'll have ready access to your loaded firearms... AND the safety measures necessary to keep those weapons out of the hands of others.  That makes the TITAN Gun Vault the most important safety device you'll ever own.Our mission is to elevate, safety and security in your life.
titan gun vault under seat
  • The patented design with harden 14 GA steel is the most Innovative, reliable and compact secure pistol safe in the market.
  • "Strong feature", The firearm and holster will move out of the vault as you open the lid without the use of any springs it will allow you to be armed in seconds.
  •  Versatility in mounting is also very strong feature of our vault, It is extremely easy to mount and dismount from its mounting brackets with the use of a quick release arm from inside of the safe; always secured to a permanent location with our patented brackets in your vehicle, under your bed or desk, in your closet, your boat, your RV's and many other places. Switching it from one to another will take a couple of seconds.
  • titan gun vault right of consoleCable Mount feature (Cable not included); Option to mount with third party cables as well as use with Laptop cable locks.
  • Battery less, all mechanical lock system, with over 2,200 possible combinations, every button can be pushed once; two to five buttons can be pushed at the same time.
  • The Simplex® pushbutton locking mechanism has been around over twenty years and has passed the test of time.
  • Its construction will prevent un-authorized access to your firearm; some of DOJ test requirements are 250-lb vault door pull test, 120 strokes hacksaw attack with load of 10 pounds, Lock manipulation, Drop test and Impact test.
  • Tamper resistant, with built in clutch in the knob and operational in all weather conditions, it will not fail you when you need it.
  • titan gun vault under bedIt will accommodate Revolvers, Pistols, and Derringers whose dimensions do not exceed 10" long x 6.5" high x 2.25" wide.  The tactical holster is now standard allowing for the use of most handgus with common attached compact lights.
  • It measures 11" L x 8" W x 2 ½ H, and only weighs 10-lb.
  • It requires 3 ½" head clearance for installation under any objects.
  • Transporting your firearm by Air or Auto & RV has never been easier.

titan gun vault kit




  • Universal holster
  • 2 separate universal mounting brackets
  • All hardware and lock arm
  • Installation and owners manual


under desk moount

You can install it in a variety of places:

  • under your bed or desk
  • in your closet or vehicle
  • boat, RV's and many other places



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