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Raise the temperature... Lower the Relative Humidity!

You've seen these promoted as dehumidifiers.  We object to this as they are essentially just heaters.  They do work though.  By raising the temperature in your safe the relative humidity is lowered.  Some brands claim advantages from the air circulation and such.  This product does the job.  It warms the air without getting too hot.  Uses a lower watt density of about 5.5 Watts/foot. 
We carry two models made in the USA by Dri-Rod.
The 12" model uses about 7 Watts and protects about 100 cubic feet.
The 18" model uses about 10 Watts and protects about 200 cubic feet.
Both models come with mounting hardware.
The plug, easy enough to install, is intentionally not pre-installed.  This allows you to feed the cord through a small hole in the wall of your gun safe.
Heating rods are not recommended for use with desiccant.  Desiccant life is extended with a tight safe.  Heating rods work best with a leaky safe.



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