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Condense it


Condense it!  True Dehumidifiers.


Pull that moisture right out of the air and collect it as water in a removeable reservoir.  Remove the reservoir cup, dump the water, re-install the cup, and you are up and running again.  The unit automatically senses a full reservoir and shuts off to avoid spillage.

Instead of conventional refrigeration mechanisms a thermo-electric device is employed to condense the moisture.

Our condesing dehumidifiers are small and compact.  The manufacturer claims 1100 cubic feet of protection.  They require power from a supplied wall adapter which is rated at 9V @ 2.5A.  This indicates that the unit itself operates on less than 23 Watts!  ...comparable to some safe rods!  Don't worry about cooling your protected space as the unit has a net heating effect.

6" wide x 8.5" high x 5" deep


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