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Gun Storage


1 - Mono Vault

Choose the right size for your guns.

2 - Desiccant

Control humidity with Adsorbents.

3 - NoRust Bag

Put gun in bag.  Put bag in vault.


pistol in bag

Mono Vaults are uniquely suited to the protection of firearms.  Use desiccant to absorb trapped humidity (desiccant info here) and Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCI)  to protect against corrosion.  VCI compounds are available in the form of capsules (see ZeRust Vapor Capsules) or bags.  Basic VCI infused polymer bags  (such as Protecht NoRust bags) are typically rated for up to 5 years though this life should be extended substantially in an undisturbed MonoVault.   Bags with an integral metalized barrier layer (see ZCorr products) and convenient Velcro closure are rated up to 20 years!  We also have 20 year Vault Liners for the entire contents of your MonoVault.

vault_liner_in_212s_monovault-camo-framed-200wOur VCI bags use the same technology the military has used to protect firearms in storage.   The bags are chemically infused to out-gas a compound that protects the contents against corrosion and with no harm to your firearm. Consider the basic rating of five years.  How many of us have guns in the back of the safe that have not been cleaned in that long!  For a buck or two per year you can have the peace of mind that your firearm is well protected.


You may want to equip your MonoVault with a VaultCheck!  The VaultCheck! allows you to monitor the humidity inside the MonoVault without opening the lid. Each time you open any container you introduce fresh humidity that your desiccant must then deal with.  Get convenience and longer desiccant life with a VaultCheck!107s with gun - logo

107s with two guns - logo 

The Mono Vault 107 fits typical handguns such as 1911's and Barettas with up to 5" barrels.

207s with two guns - logo



The Mono Vault 207 will accommodate larger revolvers but those scoped hand cannons masquerading as sidearms may need a Mono Vault 212 or 120.


130s shotgun rifle outside

The Mono Vault 130 is great for folding stock weapons and AR15's.  Pull the take-down pins on the ARs to separate the uppers and lowers.  If you are careful with some padding you can put four ARs into a single Mono Vault 130.

  The Mono Vault 152 is for the longer barreled bolt actions and a lot of the shotguns out there.  Those long goose guns and monster varmint barrels may not fit.  Typically fits long guns up to about a 28" barrel.

The Mono Vault 248 will take a fully assembled and scoped AR or two along with some bolt actions with up to 24" barrels (but don't take our word for it, measure your rifle!).

248s sand with rifle - logo


The MonoVault model 236 is just right for those collapsible stock carbines, most of which will be under the 34" of interior storage height.


Your Mono Vault is not a safe so do not use it as one.  However, if you desire to discourage casual access from idle fingers, use our stainless steel Lock Strap with a padlock or combination lock.  The Lock Strap is only available for the 100 series MonoVaults, model numbers that start with a "1".
Transport of your Mono Vault is made easier with the Carry Handle accessory.  This device is adjustable for the 100 and 200 series Mono Vaults.  The two piece interlocking handle allows for quick and easy installation and removal.
With the Mono Vault Shoulder Strap (note installation on the 248s above), you're ready for those long treks through the airport terminal or into the back county.  This accessory is fully adjustable for both the 100 and 200 series Mono Vaults and to fit the individual.  One end is equipped with an adjustable cinch strap while the other functions as a choker to adjustably grab the body of the vault as needed to balance the load.  The strap length is adjustable.  Even comes with a shoulder pad. 

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