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Vehicle Safes


Guard against breakins, searches, and idle hands.

How many times have you left your gun in the truck while you walked into the post office, or over to the school, or overnight as a matter of convenience?

Have you worried about the kids getting into things?

...or your valuables while your vehicle is serviced?

 ram with 1010 open framed

Console Vault

How about a made-in-USA safe built right into the center console of your truck or SUV?  The folks at Console Vault have worked their magic with 12 ga steel to produce a conversion for your vehicle that you can install in about 10 minutes!  Click here for more info and the  vehicle fit chart.

 titan gun vault with pistol

Titan Gun Vault

Secures to mounting plates without tools!  No need to reach into this slim vault as the gun is presented to you as the door is opened.  mounts to bedframe, furniture, or vehicle.  Click here to view the Titan Gun Vault in the store.





Rugged steel clamshell locks with a barrel key.  Locks by itself for mobility... or locks into a provided sleeve.  Mount the sleeve anywhere for fast conversion to  stationary security.  An availabel cable accessory makes this little safe perfect for travel.  Click here to view the SafeBOX in the store.




This compact safe features an electronic keypad and a pop-open drawer.  Mounted or unmounted the ezVault keeps your firearm away from others and ready for you.  Click here to view the ezVault in the store.


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